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Olympic 2 Inch Fractional Plates

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Olympic 2 Inch Fractional Plates contain the following:
1/4 lb Silver Fractional Plate x 2
1/2 lb Blue Fractional Plate x 2
3/4 lb Red Fractional Plate x 2
1 lb Black Fractional Plate x 2

Olympic 2 Inch Fractional Plates

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The Iron Woody Fractional Plate Weight Sets offer tremendous flexibility for all lifters at various strength levels. Athletes, youths, women, men, seniors, advocates of progression training, and individuals rehabbing are some of the areas where small weight increases are sometimes desirable.

  • Quality – Our Olympic 2 Inch Fractional Plates are made from high-quality, powder-coated steel (not aluminum). Each plate is machine etched with its weight for easy identification. These plates are also color enhanced to mimic Olympic style plates.

  • Price – Iron Woody offers an eight-plate set for only $49.95 + s/h. (For the guys that don’t believe in using spotters, that’s two - ¼, ½, ¾, and 1 lb. plates in each set.) Compare our $49.95 price to some of the other fractional plate offerings that can start off around $100.00, and go up from there.

  • Flexibility – Like all fractional plates, they allow you to make weight increases in as little as ¼ lb. increments on each side of your Olympic bar. That’s just a ½ lb. total increase, versus the normal 5 lb. increase with the usual two 2½ lb. plates

  • That also means you can increase weight in ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, 4½ lb. increments before you would get to the usual 5 lb. increase. In some difficult exercise, increasing your weight by 5 lbs. is just not manageable or necessarily safe. It is important to control the weight increases, so that the body is able to grow in size and strength without failure or injury.

    • Testimonial – Here is a Testimonial about our Fractional Plates:

    • Fractional plates are a necessity for some of the supplemental exercises which I use with my athletes. Before you could get a beautiful set of mini-plates from a competitor for $170 or so. They are perfectly crafted and exact in weight to tenths of an ounce. Formerly, $170 was out of my price range, and I didn’t care about tenths of an ounce, so for years I used these enormous ¼ lb washers that I bought at a nut & bolt supply company. However I now much prefer the convenience and price ($50) of the Iron Woody Fitness Fractionals. These are a very high quality product at an excellent price.

      Yours in Fitness,

      Christopher Sommer
      Men’s Head Coach
      Desert Devil Gymnastics
      National Team Training Center

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